Did you Know?
  • The Giant Long-horned Beetle (Anthracocentrus arabicus)is one of the largest beetles in the world at 11 centimetres and can be found in the natural Ghaf forest on the DDCR

Select operators have been given permission to conduct thrilling journeys deep into the heart of the DDCR, driving through spectacular dunes and dramatic desert terrain. Here, you can explore the unique desert surroundings in a four-wheel-drive or on foot with the help of a safari guide, enjoy a number of traditional Arab pursuits under the instruction of trained experts. Amongst the most popular are falconry, camel treks, horse riding and archery- or experience the modern day thrill of sand-skiing. At sunset, you can experience a traditional dune dinner in a comfortable Bedouin encampment and dine on grilled meats, fresh salads, Arabic sweets and selected beverages. You may also wish to enjoy the aromatic shisha, or have your hands painted with intricate henna designs, while being entertained by a belly dancer accompanied by Arabian music.

DDCR Approved Tours

DDCR Approved Tours guarantees that eco-tourism and sustainability is considered in each safari. In particular the safaris must adhere to certain key criteria. These include:
  • The safari focuses on nature and/or culture
  • The guide has been certified by the DDCR to provide more information on the fauna, flora, geology and cultural aspects of the reserve
  • Sustainable tourism is considered on all aspects of the tour, including environmental impact and waste management
  • On safari, you can be a ‘citizen scientist’ by recording wildlife observations and reporting them back to the reserve
  • Arabian Adventures: Private Safari
  • Arabian Adventures: Sunrise Safari

Camel Treks

Sitting atop one of these strange and lovely creatures is a fantastic experience you are unlikely to forget as you are carried through the dunes on a traditional ‘ship of the desert’.


The speed and natural instincts of each of the falcons is beautifully displayed by the falconer, who discusses the breed and character of their birds. The speed and natural killing instinct of each of the birds are beautifully displayed and there are amazing opportunities for close up photographs and inspections.

Horse Riding

Put your horse through its paces or gently trot or canter through the desert landscape, taking in the whole experience as well as seeing the sites with the help of your guide.


The surge of adrenalin as you get ready to release the traditional recurved bow will not soon be forgotten, and many visitors have subsequently taken up the sport on returning home.

Wildlife Drives

A gentle drive through the terrain is a great way to find the free-roaming wildlife herds.Your guide will explain the desert ecology while keeping a sharp look out for interesting flora and fauna.

Dune Driving

Transport yourself through the spectacular dunes and desert terrain in a luxury four-wheel drive. Predefined routes ensure you are surrounded by pristine desert landscapes while making your way to a Bedouin camp for an entertaining evening.

Dune Dinner

Relax on comfortable low cushions in Bedu tents as you feast on an array of grilled meats, fresh salads, delectable Arabic sweets and beverages. A bewitching belly dancer, galaxy of stars and brilliant desert backdrop complete the enchanting evening.

Sand Boarding

The contrast between the ancient ‘Bedu’ lifestyle and one of the world’s latest sports makes this unforgettable. Head to the dunes, strap on your sand board and take an exhilarating rush to the valley floor.

Private Desert Dinner

A secluded spot, arranged with rugs and cushions and lit by traditional torches awaits you. Experience the romance of the desert as you enjoy the company of a loved one and savour a personalised menu.


The mysterious desert beckons you for a magical evening of camping out. Safari guides transport you by four-wheel drive vehicles to your encampment where a traditional Arabian dinner and magical night in a tent await you.

Night Safari

There is nothing like an evening spent in the desert. Enjoy your drive through the desert, savour a tasty meal and admire the star-studded sky.

Hot Air Ballooning

Enjoy a magic carpet ride over a desert conservation reserve with endless ocean of sand dunes and emerald green oases. Witness a world first falcon show from 3000ft in the air as you fly with the world’s fastest animals. Spot native Arabian animals such as oryx, gazelles and wandering camels in their natural habitat.