Broom Bush

Leptadenia pyrotechnica - (G. Simkins)
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Scientific Name Leptadenia pyrotechnica Arabic Name Markh Tagged As Plant, Shrub, Milkweed Endangered Status

Botanical description

Perennial leafless shrub up to 3m high, milky latex produced when stems or branches broken, branches are smooth, slender, and green.



Appears only in early stage of growth and soon falling off.



Small, yellow in colour, fragrant at dusk



Are cylindrical and tapering to point, sometimes paired, with numerous flat brown seeds, attached to long white hairs.



From November to June



The species prefer the sandy plains and low dunes habitat.



It is common and widespread through the northern emirates, and eastern parts of Abu Dhabi Emirate.



It is native to Senegal, Mauritania to north of Nigeria, and in the semi-desert areas across Africa to western India. (Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Chad, Libya, Algeria, Pakistan and India)



The flower buds are edible. Many medicinal uses of the species are reported in traditional medicine, the branches of the plant are diuretic and the use of infusion of branches could help in the treatment of retention of urine. Also, the plant yields a fibre which used in indigenous medicine as an antihistaminic and expectorant. Further more, it is used for treatment of gout and rheumatism. Its fibreis tough and does not rot in water and is suitable to be spun into rope. Owing to its high cellulose content it has also been used in carpets since ancient times.