Our Vision & Values

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Did you Know?
  • The Lesser Jerboa (Jaculus jaculus) has the ability to leap a full three metres to escape a predator
At the heart of the Board’s mission are clearly outlined goals and values:

  • To create a permanently protected area which ensures the future of the region’s desert habitats and bio-diversity managed according to sound scientific ecological principles, aimed at protecting natural resources (water being the most obvious one, but extending to many others as well), and maintaining original desert landscapes.
  • To ensure that the community and visitors have access to the Reserve through the sustainable and responsible development of commercial practices that would not impact on the primary role of conservation and habitat protection.
  • To protect the heritage of traditional activities which have become a part of the region’s history and culture and maintain the identity of Dubai’s tribal beginnings.
  • To register and gain international recognition for the Reserve under the United Nations’ Protected Areas Management principles, amongst others and to ensure that the DDCR is adequately protected under law.