Our Vision & Values

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A desert haven for nature …. A living heritage for people

DDCR's overall purpose

Conserve a representation of the Dubai’s Inland Desert original landscapes and indigenous fauna and flora, and through careful and effective management that promote natural processes for optimum conservation outcomes leading to rewilding of the desert habitat. Provide an authentic desert experience for people which shows the beauty and marvel of the natural environment and educates on the intricacies of nature and the living heritage of Dubai.

Strategic management goals

The strategic management goals for the 2019 – 2024 planning period are:

  • The DDCR has embarked on a new rewilding paradigm for regional desert conservation fostering thriving habitats and a diversity of indigenous species.
  • All species populations, particularly ungulates, are in balance with natural regenerative properties of the available vegetation.
  • All management interventions and practices are sustainable and orientated towards natural habitat rehabilitation.
  • The reserve is an IUCN Green List protected area with effective management, good governance and planning that are realising optimum conservation outcomes.
  • The DDCR is a regional leader in biodiversity conservation and building resilience to climate change in arid land ecosystems.
  • The reserve is promoted and recognised as the premier destination for authentic nature-based experiences in the UAE.