Did you Know?
  • The Arabian Oryx (Oryx leucoryx) calves are born a sandy brown colour and only change to their adult white at about six months of age

A Comparative Study of Vegetation Structure and Regeneration
between two Monitoring Surveys in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Khafaga T A, Conservation Officer, Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, DDCR


This research is designed to implement a continuous practical and efficient vegetation monitoring program and to apply analytical tools for easy data interpretation. This information and data is indispensable for managing the Dubai Desert Conservation reserve, Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

The objective of the study was to compare the structure and the regeneration patterns of the vegetation between two monitoring surveys in Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. The study policies were to implement continuous practical and comparative vegetation monitoring program and to apply analytical tools for the data interpretation which mainly emphasize the assessment of density, cover and diversity of the flora. Mapping the vegetation and defining lineage between different floral communities, using multivariate analysis combined with GPS techniques was also an objective for the study.

The results showed an incredible increase in species number and biodiversity when compared to the first monitoring study, the date indicates also good habitat recovery and it was attributed to the removal of the camel farms previously located within the reserve premises which gave the vegetation and the habitats a good chance to recover.