Biosphere Expeditions - Arabia

Biosphere Expeditions is an international non-profit wildlife volunteer organisation, founded in 1999, that runs conservation expeditions for environmental volunteers all across the globe. With our conservation expeditions we hope to make a small but significant difference to our biosphere and at the same time bring enjoyment and fulfilment to our environment volunteer teams.

The Arabia Expedition, conducted in January every year since 2012, focuses on research of the Arabian oryx and other desert species in the fascinating and iconic sandy desert landscape of the Arabian Peninsula. Working alongside scientists from the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, volunteers will be part of a small international team, monitoring Arabian oryx, Gordon's wildcat, sand fox, mountain and sand gazelles, as well as other flagship species of the desert. From a comfortable oasis field camp, volunteers will venture out in the expedition 4WDs and on foot to study antelope behaviour and social structures, camera- and live-trap Gordon's wildcat and sand fox, and monitor them by radio and GPS telemetry. All this to ensure the survival of these important flagship desert species in their beleaguered world.

Data collected has been compiled into annual reports which have covered Arabian Oryx Body condition scores, monitored species distribution across the reserve through direct observations as well as camera trap data, trapping success for wildcats and rodents and monitoring of Red Fox populations through den monitoring. Furthermore this data is then utilized to inform management decision to benefit the overall protection of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.