Did you Know?
  • Feeding on shrubs, the Spiny-tailed Lizard never drinks water and is capable of changing colour with body temperature, turning from black to white or yellow as the lizard warms up

Arthropods: A Presence/ Absence Study in an Arid Desert Environment.

By: Peter Roosenschoon.

This Arthropod study was conducted in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). The reserve is located on the border between Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. The habitats of the reserve are dominated mainly by low-to-medium size sand dunes and interspersed gravel plains. This reserve is a perfect site to observe and collect different Arthropod species. Although this study focused mainly on few species; the presence of these species in all habitats was observed. The study indicated that there are 7 Classes of Arthropods within the reserve; of which it has been observed that the Insecta Class is the largest with 13 Orders, more than 50 Families and over 140 Species. Furthermore; this study has supported the collection of specimens for a reference library. The collection process is an ongoing project.