Arabian Red Fox

Arabian Red Fox - (P. Roosenschoon)
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Scientific Name Vulpes vulpes arabica Arabic Name Al taleb al ahmer Tagged As Mammal, Canid, Fox Endangered Status


The Arabian Red Fox is similar in colour to the common Red Fox. However, it is more adapted to desert life than its parent species and is a brownish pale red colour. The throat is black and abdomen white. The lower legs and ears are reddish, with a reddish-brown bushy tail, tipped in white. Its ears are much larger, and its body is much smaller than that of the Red Fox. It also has fur between its toes, to prevent burning of the feet on the hot desert sand.


This fox is a solitary animal with well defined home ranges. Its diet consists of rodents, birds, and fish as well as some desert vegetation or even carrion. They are most active at night. Their average weight is 2.7kg - 4.5kg.

Range and Habitat

The Arabian Red Fox is found throughout the UAE and can adapt to all habitats, from desert to mountains, as well as the urban environment. However, it does not seem to penetrate areas such as the Liwa Desert with soft sand and high dunes.


The vixen (female fox) can have up to five cubs usually in the spring in a den dug into the sand under a bush. She will then suckle the cubs for up to two months before they start to forage with her, later dispersing to establish their own territories.

Tracks and Signs

Pawprints show distinctive claw marks and are dog-track like in shape.