Did you Know?
  • The Giant Long-horned Beetle (Anthracocentrus arabicus)is one of the largest beetles in the world at 11 centimetres and can be found in the natural Ghaf forest on the DDCR


  • The first wildlife was released into the DDCR on 25th March 2004, a landmark event which was attended by Lord Patrick Lichfield and recorded by a BBC camera crew.


  • The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR), an area of 225 square kilometres, 4.7% of Dubai’s total land area, was created to protect the last remaining pristine desert landscape of this forward thinking emirate.


  • Resort managers began a major environmental audit of the surrounding areas. Researchers were tasked with exploring current and potential threats to endangered species and disappearing desert habitats, as well as the long-term quality of Dubai’s desert tourism experience.
  • The Al Maha management submitted proposals to the government on the formation of a formal national park.
  • The proposal was accepted and the Dubai Conservation Board was established.
  • The Board established a detailed constitution and all the necessary regulatory measures were in place for the physical creation of the Reserve. Emirates airline entered into a five year sponsorship deal worth over US$ 14 million. Additional funds of US$7 million were set aside by the Dubai Government to create the initial infrastructure and facilitate the start-up work.


  • The Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa was established with a 27km² conservation reserve, for the protection of desert fauna and flora.
  • 70 Arabian oryx are re-introduced 6000 indigenous trees and shrubs are planted.